Good food, good mood…

From humble beginnings come great things.



We believe that coffee is a metaphor for life. Attention to detail and caring about the small stuff can make a big difference. From our unpretentious beginnings as one small coffee cart with a dream, into six stores serving hand-crafted coffee throughout Sydney, everything has been done with love and a desire to make the world a richer place.

ME Coffee Merchants began as Mr Espresso in 1998, founded by Veni Chorafitis. Veni is a bona fide coffee zealot, dedicated to the unbridled pursuit of the ultimate espresso. The company was founded on old world values and grit; at its core sits a simple certainty that good coffee, fresh food, hard work and good relationships with customers are essential to existence.

With six locations throughout Sydney, ME Coffee Merchants’ café and espresso bars are populated by a merry band of artisans who nimbly craft our unique blend. We prepare our own coffee through a traditional artisan roasting technique that creates subtle complexities, a lingering aroma and a rich caramel/chocolate flavours. All our coffee is aged to perfection, thus ensuring optimum depth of flavour and a true coffee experience.

From bean to cup, we have a dedicated team and a great culture that revolves around excellence in everything we do. Whether it be our meticulous detail to espresso or the passion surrounding the subtleties of our filter coffee, our team live and breathe coffee.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our cafés to the wider community. We distribute unsold food to homeless shelters through our ME Charity Run and 10 cents of every bottle of ME Water we sell supports local environmental initiatives.

To us, capturing the essence of espresso is a beautiful analogy of a life lived by the moment. Our ethos is about singular, special relationships. It’s a business founded on belief – belief in our vision of a better world, through a matrix of community connections and a commitment to exceptional quality.

ME Coffee Merchants HeadQuarters

Previously Mr Espresso

A: 1112 Botany Road, Botany, NSW 2019


T: +61 2 9700 0033