Absolute deliciousness…

Handcrafted dishes and espresso served with love.


Our Menu

Fresh, handcrafted and delicious sums up our entire approach to our menu, serving only the finest espresso coffee prepared by our passionate and detail driven baristas, alongside freshly prepared breakfast dishes and lunch favourites.

Nitro Coffee

48hr cold brew
Infused with nitrogen – creating a Guinness style coffee

All Day Breakfast – Our Classics

There can be some variations at stores

Bacon & egg roll
House sauces: tomato chutney, tomato, bbq, mayo.

Bircher muesli
Served with seasonal fruits and shaved coconut.

Good living bowl
Acai berries, blended with almond milk and topped with granola, banana, strawberries and coconut shavings.

Avocado smash
With crumbed fetta, cherry tomatoes and salsa verde.
Add: poached egg, crispy bacon.

Halloumi stack
Poached egg, grilled halloumi, avocado, rocket and aioli.

Big brekkie
Poached eggs, bacon, sausage, mushrooms, grilled tomato, hash brown and sourdough toast.

Traditional eggs benedict
Poached eggs, baby spinach and hollandaise sauce.
Add: double smoked ham, crispy bacon, smoked salmon.

Lunch Favourites

ME cheeseburger
NYC style with caramelised onion, American cheese and dill pickles.

ME chicken burger
Marinated chicken in our secret dressing, with tomato, chipotle mayo and tasty cheese.

ME vego burger
Grilled vegetables, halloumi and house pesto sauce.
Add: side salad, fries.

See today’s specials in store.

Hot chicken schnitzel roll
With cheddar, seeded mayo and lettuce.

Steak sandwich
Steak, caramelised onion, tomato relish, lettuce, beetroot and house aioli.

Baguettes & wraps
See today’s specials in store.

Cold Drinks

Old school craft sodas
See today’s organic flavours.

Fresh juices
Zinger: apple, carrot and ginger.

Citrus punch: watermelon, orange and lemon.

Botany summer: orange, pineapple and passionfruit.

The VC: pineapple, apple and orange.

Mr OJ: freshly squeezed orange.

Refresh: freshly squeezed watermelon.

Veggie: beetroot, celery, cucumber and carrot.

Create your own: choose up to 3 ingredients.

Monkey: double espresso, banana, honey and milk.

Banana: banana, honey and yoghurt.

Mango: mango, honey and yoghurt.

The berry mix: mixed berries, honey and yoghurt.

Green power: spinach, kale, banana and coconut water.

Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, salted caramel, white chocolate

Kids Menu

Chicken nuggets & chips

Chicken schnitzel strips & chips